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A harmonious environment for gradual growth is the heart of IsVenice’s curriculum, which focuses on projects, teaching in line with technological innovations that enable its students to cope with European and global expectations. The culture that the international school in Venice transmits to each student offers a valuable education in a pleasant and engaging learning context.



International School of Venice offers its students
– International education
– Structured programmes
– Digital education
– Intellectual development

Experiencing everyday life in an international school means being open to dialogue, exploring and accepting the cultural differences inspired by IsVenice, in a multicultural environment.

15 May 2018

Middle 2 took part in the project ‘There is Space for Everyone’ organised by the Venetian Council’s  Education department in… Read More »

Kids University

10 May 2018

On Wednesday 16th May the students from classes Middle 1 and Middle 2 will be going to the University Cà… Read More »

We the kids!

Kids Creative Lab this year has changed direction and is proposing a project centred around Social Practice, a contemporary art… Read More »