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New Learning

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new learning

Students will experience new ways of learning, no longer traditional and intellectual, but physical and emotional. They will get in touch with their five senses, knowing their body more thoroughly and experiment with new forms of expressivity and communication, gaining greater self-confidence and security in interpersonal relationships. Mimo, movement games, rhythmic exercises, improvisation, identification in different characters and situations will be the tools with which to work, having fun in a world.

Music Technology

let’s record music


  • Explore basic compositions and digital audio editing applications.
  • Working with Creative Audio creatively.
  • Create musical compositions from visual stimulation.
  • Exploring impulse and rhythm, tone, melody, and listening.
  • Audio editing and recording.


new learning

Innovation, creativity, research, dynamic lessons and much fun!

Development of computational thinking, ability to observe abstraction, problem solving. Acquiring skills in a wide range of applications. Programming elements. Digital literacy: promoting the safe and responsible use of technology in life and society.
Development of critical thinking, ethics and decision-making.

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