THE international school of venice



Our Staff

Nicoletta Lando

School Director – Early years Coordinator

Nicola Waugh

Primary School Coordinator and Teacher

Martina Capitanio

Middle School Coordinator – Middle School Teacher

Early Years

Chathuri Jayathunga

Early Years Teacher

Deborah Evans

Early Years Teacher

Ilaria Zavattiero

Early Years Teacher

Primary School

Agnieszka Tomczak

Primary School teacher and STEAM

Deborah Walsh

Primary School teacher

Giorgia Manzella

Primary School teacher

Thea Posluszny

Primary School teacher

John Pierre Joyce

Primary School teacher and History

Valentina Zotti

Primary School teacher

Ketty Titon

Physical Education

Martina Faenzi

Primary and Early Years teacher

Middle School

Barbara Borsetto

Science teacher

Faye Micklethwaite

Art teacher

Manuel Ronghi

Math teacher

Marco Mason

Italian teacher

Sarah Hardwick

English teacher and Geography

Julie Mellor

Music teacher

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